on methodical meeting of the

teachers in forensic medicine and medical law of Bukovinian state medical university

«__» ________ 2022 y.


The Themes for Independent Student’s Work

in Forensic Medicine and Medical Law

(2022/2023 academic year, for 4-t h year students)



Content of Theme


The subject and history of forensic medicine. The famous forensic pathologists of the world.


Methods and technique of forensic medical autopsy. Forensic medical autopsy in case of sudden and unexpected death. Medical death certificate.


 Forensic medical establishment of age. Methods of personal identification in forensic medicine.


Examination in case of disputable sexual conditions.


Forensic medicine examination of injuries caused by falling from height.


Forensic medical examination of injuries and death from physical factors.


 Forensic medicine examination of injuries caused by radial energy.


Forensic medicine examination of injuries caused by barometric pressure.


Forensic medicine diagnostics of injuries and death inflicted by biological causes.


Forensic medical examination of biological fluids and other materials (blood, seminal fluid, urine, faeces, saliva, hair).


Medico-criminalistics examinations in forensic medicine.


Concept, essence, functions and social purpose of the state. State regulation of health care and medical activity as a function of the state Theory of law and state. Medical law as a branch of law and legislation in the system of social regulation of medical activity. Medical law in the system of higher medical education.


Legal regulation of certain types of medical activities. Legal aspects of palliative and hospice care. Legislation on palliative and hospice care. Typical cross-cutting program "Palliative and Hospice Assistance". A cross-cutting program "HIV Prevention, mother-to-child transmission of HIV, diagnosis, treatment of HIV-infected people and socio-psychological support for people living with HIV". A cross-sectional program for further study of the basics of transplantology. Ethical and socio-legal problems of euthanasia. Legal bases of medical insurance of citizens. Obtaining medical aid in the context of realization of the right to life of a person. Offenses in healthcare and legal liability. Officials offense in public health care. Legal qualification of medical aid defects. Jatrogenic pathology.


Legal basis of bioethics. Legal regulation of healthcare issues in Ukraine.


Medical aid and service: legal nature and characteristics according to the legislation of Ukraine. Legal status of subjects of medical legal relations. Personal non-proprietary rights in the field of health care, which ensure the existence of an individual.


Head of the department

of forensic medicine

and medical law,

professor                                                                              V.T. Bachinskyi